Horse Identification Collar
Horse Identification Collar
Horse Identification Collar
Horse Identification Collar

Horse Identification Collar

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In the event of a natural disaster, do you have a safe, effective way for your equine to be identified?  

Evacuating large animals can be a challenge for many equine owners.  What if you had to leave them behind?  What if you had to turn your animal loose in order to save it? If you are able to evacuate your animal to a shelter, does your horse or donkey have your information on its body?  In the recent wake of Hurricane Harvey or the wild fires in California many horses were left to fend for themselves.  What if you could have your information as well as your horse’s information safely on your horse?  Those that may be able to rescue your animal, will know exactly who the animal belongs to, how to contact you and the name and information about your animal.  Having this information on your animal could mean the safe return of your four legged family member. 

Equi-ID has developed a safe collar that can be placed on your large animal in the event of a natural disaster.  The collar is made of 2” belting with reflective properties for enhanced visibility.  The collar is secured with a strong hook and loop closure.  The safety of this closure would allow for the collar to break away should -the animal become entangled by the collar.  Additionally, the collar has two information cards affixed to the collars for the owner information, horse information and description and any emergency information about the animal (Dietary needs, handling information, and/or veterinary information).  For best results, use a fine tipped permanent marker to print information on the collar cards.  

The identification collars are also great for camping with your animal or horse shows!

Sizing for the collars are as follows:

  • S - Mini / Foal  -  22 - 26 Inches
  • M - Arab / Pony -  27 - 31 Inches
  • L - Average Horse - 32 - 36 Inches
  • XL - Large Horse / Draft - 37 - 41 Inches
  • Custom Sizes available*

 *Additional charges for custom sizing



Paddington says, "Always keep your Ass prepared with Equi-ID!!!"